The Mini Faces of A Lady Prints

A Nichel Artistry

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Size (Canvas Print or Satin Print)

Canvas Prints (CP), Satin Prints (SP); Color choice by background of painting

Notes: The Mini Faces of A Lady pieces represent the uniqueness of each individual in the personalities of the black culture. Made with care and love i wanted to do something a bit different that pulled on the features that i admire about black women specifically. My all time favorite feature to focus on are the eyes whether makeup is involved or not. I feel like the eyes truly tell a story about a person. Their truth.

I wanted to incorporate abstract in this collection to signify indivualtiy and unity. We all come from thr same canvas its just our design is different, but still very beautiful.

Lastly, those bomba and luxious lips! i was once insecure about how full my lips were. It seemed to be the feauture i got teased with the most. I would tell my mother how i was bullied because of them and she would tell me to tell my bullies "the bigger the kisses would be". So i wanted to give each piece a part of me to reflect the kisses that you needs to remind yourself that you are loved, you are worthy, and you are accepted.

Earrings represent wholeness, abundance, and culture.

My all time favorite was hard to choose but i would say the Albino and the Vitiligo one. Because its not often you see art created to represent their beauty.

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